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Holy Spirit my dearest friend

How to be Happy and Successful

Who Will Marry My Daughter?

30 Years Later (1-10)

January to December

Yoruba In one Hour?

Africa, my Africa

The Poems In Me

What's On My Mind

 Immigration and Health, USA

A book about my relationship with God.

The title explains it all - Nuggets on how to make and keep yourself happy.

A love story that will set chills through your spine long after reading it. I promise you it is a book you will definitely read over and over again.

Ten friends got together thirty years after high school. You can't believe how destinies differ and how people change.

52 fascinating stories for children: One a week

Learning to read, write and speak Yoruba language in a very short time.

A book full of pictures: Introduction to the African culture.

A collection of moving, heart rendering poems. Lessons from the poems are second to none.

Thoughts and interesting stories on my daily experiences.


Publisher of ebook by Professor Leslie Adesuyi & Dr (Mrs) Abimbola Ajayi.